The Roku Platform extends to have more than 100 live networks, a new TV guide includes

Roku is growing the daily line-up of live, linear networks, and is part of the online videos and TV platform, The Roku Network. Throughout the U.S., Roku users may also be able to select from over 100 live networks, including those providing free exposure to entertainment, athletics, film, tv, children’s and family shows, lifestyle material and Spanish-language shows.Roku is now releasing a new Live TV guide alongside the extension to make it simpler to search via its free content.

The upgrade, which contains 40 additional channels, will seem to be making Roku something of a direct competitor to competing online media subscription platforms, including Pluto TV and XUMO.

A Reuters video news service is also among the latest additions.

The total selection of digital networks includes: Vogue, Glamour, GQ, Wired, Game Show Central, Reelz, Gravitas Movie Network, SportsGrid, Brat TV, FilmRise Action, Revry, Love Nature, MAVTV Play, Deal or No Deal, Family Feud, Got Talent International, XUMO Free Westerns, Kidz Bop TV, ZooMoo, Buzzr TV, Interstellar, Bbc, PowerNation, Teletubbies, Rainbow Ruby, Redbox Free Films, Kidoodle TV.

Six Spanish-language channels

  • Pongalo NovelaClub
  • Pongalo Moviemix
  • AFV Espanol
  • Latido Radio
  • Love Nature Spanish
  • AmericaTeve

Since its launch in September 2017, Roku has been growing The Roku Channel platform quickly. While it initially focused on delivering a series of free , ad-supported films — similar to, for example, Vudu’s “Movies on Us” or TUBI — it has expanded to include a range of free content including Television, news , sports, and even live networks, as well as paid add-on subscriptions.

Today the portal provides more than 100,000 products, including free movies and television that hits an approximate 36 million users from Roku.

The center makes Roku a popular option for cord-cutters, as it centralizes free streaming video exposure. Moreover, the ad-supported advertising adds to the bottom line at Roku. Today the firm earns more revenue from its network market than from sales of its products.

Roku reports the portal continues to expand far more than its total network, with a year-over-year growth of more than 100 per cent in streaming hours.

The arrival of the Live TV Channel Guide would make it easy to navigate the extended schedule networks, with a dedicated “Live TV” tab on The Roku App. Therefore, users will click the left on their remote to pull up the guide at any time.

“It is now more critical than ever for our users to have convenient access to free material, such as news, and the ability to easily locate it,” Ashley Hovey, AVOD Growth ‘s director for Roku, said in a statement. “Through a Live Channel TV Guide we are eager to improve the viewing experience and carry more free content from The Roku Channel to the fore.”

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