5 Super-streaming tips

You love to stream your favourite movies and TV with your Roku player but there’s so much more to explore. Here are five Super-streaming tips for expanding your streaming in no time from streamer to super streamer!

Turn your Roku Player into the music hub for your home

With loads of available choices you’re bound to find something you love in the Roku Channel Store’s music section. Whether you’re enjoying free internet radio, something more immersive, like the latest music videos on VEVO, or listening to on-demand albums through Spotify, something is for you. Through the Play On Roku feature, available on Android , iOS and Windows Phone, you can stream your own personal music collection from your mobile phone or tablet with the Roku Mobile app. The app is a must-have for music lovers, as well as doubling up as a second remote control.

Come and meet your new fitness instructor

Having to fight to fit in your workouts? Let your Roku player double as fitness instructor on demand! There are always fresh exercise routines to stream at a time that suits you, with channels like Daily Burn and eFit.

Watch your tiny screen over the big screen!

Did you know that you can enhance the experience by mirroring it on your TV while browsing the web at home on your tiny smartphone screen? The Microsoft Windows and Android mirroring beta screen gives you a quick and easy way to watch TV, videos, apps, websites and more from your mobile device that appears on the TV through your Roku streaming stick.

Transform your TV into a fire place

Do you know that there are many different screensavers available to use in the settings of the digital Roku player. The “screensaver” section of the Roku Channel Store offers a variety of options. My favorite is the Screndream fireplace — it turns my TV into a roaring fireplace category.

Invite your animal into the streaming party

There’s a whole host of services for pet lovers on the Roku platform, but your furry friends will love them too! Channels like The Animal Channel give home tutorials with tips and advice on caring for your pet, as well as dedicated channels for entertaining pets.

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