Peacock Launches on Roku Across the U.S

Today, almost 10 weeks after the NBCUniversal streamer made its U.S. debut, Roku is releasing Peacock.

After NBCU and the platform company buried the hatchet last Friday, the release of the Peacock app on Roku devices and Roku-enabled TVs comes after NBCU and the platform company In a large deal that included renewing the agreement to keep NBC’s TV Everywhere channels on Roku and to bring NBC content to the free Roku Channel, the hatchet was buried.

In the trade resolution of its standoff with NBCU over Peacock, the stock of Roku increased by 15 percent.

Roku had previously said it would take several weeks to technically integrate the Peacock networks. But apparently, at least initially, the task of getting liftoff for Peacock was less complicated.

In its first two months of national availability, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said Peacock had netted 15 million user sign-ups. To give Peacock a strong new tailwind, NBCU is banking on its partnership with Roku, which has over 43 million active user accounts and reaches households with an estimated 100 million individuals.

We are excited to introduce Peacock to millions of Americans who enjoy entertainment on their favourite Roku devices with its unrivalled catalogue, “said Maggie McLean Suniewick, President, Business Growth and Partnerships of Peacock.” “Customers of Roku are dedicated streamers, and we know that they will enjoy access to a wide variety of free and paid content.”

Peacock, the big foray into the streaming wars by Comcast and NBCU, is available for free with commercials, stocked with over 13,000 hours of NBC shows, sports , news, late-night TV and specials, original series and movies, and third-party approved content. Viewers who spend an additional $4.99 a month will get Peacock Premium, which has a broader programming range of more than 20,000 hours.

After their standoff hit a boiling point, the two companies reached détente, and NBCU had threatened to pull its channels over the conflict over Peacock from Roku.

“NBC dedicates itself to beneficial relationship to get PBC number. 1 streaming site in America,” said Roku’s Tedd Cittadine, VP of content acquisition. We are excited by the possibilities inside the Roku Channel to incorporate NBC content while also working together with Peacock to establish an essential and meaningful advertisement and ad tech relationship. There is a fantastic result for customers and growing together with Peacock as they add amazing content to Rocco’s platform.

With its regular terms asking for 20 percent of content and subscription sales and 30 percent of advertising inventory on free platforms, Roku makes its money on such content partnerships. NBCU-Roku contract terms have not been disclosed.

In an early-access rollout for Comcast clients, Peacock was initially released in April. Xfinity X1 and Flex clients of the cable giant have access to Peacock Premium with advertising at no extra charge and can get the ad-free tier at $5 a month.

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